Eclectic powerhouse performer Joya Bravo combines her Jamaican roots, Atlanta 

upbringing and her native New York style in all of her unique performances. 

This vocalist, rapper, actress and classically trained violinist has traveled to, and done music work in many countries and states including Brazil, Germany, the UK, Japan, 

Atlanta, Los Angeles and of course New York City. 

She has been fortunate to have many large brand partnerships and performances under her belt including but not limited to McDonalds, Mazda, Target, Kipling, Diesel, 

Facebook, Carnegie Hall,, New York Fashion Week, and HSBC Bank. 

From the big stage to the subway, Joya Bravo is putting in the work to create a foundation for global success! 
Her violin performances consist of timeless classics, and todays hit music. 
Joya Bravo brings her talents to the public, creating spaces where people of all walks of life can, for a moment, forget the hustle and bustle of New York living, to embrace the connection with people they otherwise would not have. 

This is Joya Bravo’s truest gift and greatest joy. 

This Jamaican American multi-genre, eclectic talent pushes the boundaries of the usual and the expected, to continue to normalize the melting pot culture that America truly is. 

Stay tuned and connect with her journey by subscribing to her YouTube page:, or her instagram: @joyabravo where she announces her upcoming performances.